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Sangharakshita’s diary

On Mon, 11 April, 2016 - 13:57
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Sthanashraddha is Bhante’s secretary. With our apologies for the delay, here is his March diary for Bhante.

“Spring is forcing its way up through the ground here at Adhisthana, in the way that green things do, slowly, quietly and without halt. Then suddenly we take notice and the eye is caught by daffodils and tulips flowering. Though much of March has been dry and even sunny, the last couple of days have seen a cold shift and some nights of heavy rain. Due to the mostly good spring weather Bhante has been out for his morning walk by the pond most days, enjoying the light, sunny weather and fresh air.

Of course even the ‘poor’ weather has not left Bhante without diversion, having a good selection of ‘talking books’ and visitors over this last month. Recently the College of Public Preceptors were here for 10 days and Bhante met quite a few of them.

As well as the novels Bhante has listened to, Suvajra has also been reading to him in the evenings from Berdyaev’s The Destiny of Man, Nietzsche’s Beyond Good and Evil and Kierkegaard’s Either/Or - books which he read many years ago but has been happy to revisit. Near the beginning of the month Bhante received a beautifully printed copy of his Threefold Puja bound in golden patterned card, which had been translated by Pabodhana’s Burmese teacher training students. Since translating the puja into their own language they have been reciting it after their lessons each day. He was pleased to receive this and hear of its use.

Also during the last month Bhante made a visit to the hospital to meet with his consultant eye specialist, as well as a trip to see his dentist for a check up, both of which went well, without any hitches. Bhante’s health continues to be very good for a man of his age, and his sleep remains reasonably good with only the occasional bad night.

We have also seen a fair bit of coming and going this month. Buddhadasa, who had been away for two months, arrived back a few days ago; and Ashvajit, who had covered much of that time, left for his little house in Wales; while, after almost 8 months’ absence, Paramartha, who had been caring for his dying mother, returned yesterday. Bhante is, of course, pleased to see both return.”

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Thank you Sthanashraddha, a pleasure to read :) Good to read that Bhante’s health continues to be very good for his age. I’m reading and leading a Dharma course here in Istanbul  based on his book, “Living Ethically.” What a treasure! Full of aphoristic wisdom.

May Bhante’s days be comfortable and rich

Kind wishes