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On Mon, 14 March, 2016 - 12:44
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Sthanashraddha, Bhante’s secretary, writes:

“February here at Adhisthana has been notably sunny and bright, with cold starry nights and mornings filled with golden sunlight over the frosty field. The ducks have taken to wandering about the place in small herds as the females look for good nesting sites.

Though this last month was a short one Bhante has been keeping up, when possible, his meetings with old friends and new, including some fairly regular meetings with Saddhanandi in which she has been interviewing Bhante about various poems that he has written.

Also during February Bhante had his last in a series of lucentis injections into his left eye, which was different from all the previous ones: they had not been painful in the slightest, whereas this last one was quite painful, which he assured me he let the nurse know.

As some of you will know, Paramartha, one of Bhante’s close friends, has been away in New Zealand the last five months, taking care of his ailing mother. Bhante received the news on the 18th that she had passed away, so his thoughts have been very much with Paramartha and his mother. And then on 24th February we marked the third anniversary of Bhante moving to Adhisthana. Bhante received some cards and a few bunches of flowers and during his morning walk by the pond had his photo taken with some of the Adhisthana sangha.

And just to finish with, Bhante ‘reads’ many books via a couple of audio book companies and he mentioned that he is at present listening to John Paul Sartre’s Road to Freedom.”

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