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On Tue, 2 February, 2016 - 08:39
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Sangharakshita’s secretary, Sthanashraddha, reports from Adhisthana in Herefordshire, UK:

“Some 10 weeks have passed since the last report and in that time Adhisthana has passed through the longest night of the winter months and the seasonal nadir of the year. Yet so far one would hardly have noticed, with barely a handful of frosty nights and only one real freezing spell when the ponds froze over leaving the duck population mostly high and dry, if a little cold of foot.

For Bhante the time has passed much as it usually does in the annexe, even though around him Adhisthana may swell and fall in numbers, from the mighty gathering of the London Buddhist Centre’s winter retreat to the quiet and relative few of the Adhisthana sangha’s ‘at home’ days which have just concluded this week.

Mornings are spent attending to correspondence and the Order newsletter, Shabda, while, if rest, health and opportunity permit, meetings with old friends and new are enjoyed not long after breakfast.

Along with Bhante’s impressive commitment to his correspondence and meetings, he continues to write via dictation with the aid of Suvajra various smaller pieces in the evenings, and in the space of five months has ‘written’ over those various pieces around 25,000 words.

In connection with Bhante and words it would be good to note he has begun another project of audio interviews with Saddhanandi, exploring a number of his own poems. After the widespread appreciation of the Nine Decades exhibition interviews, Saddhanandi suggested this next round and Bhante happily agreed. Whether it will be present in the finished interviews is not yet clear but certainly the recording sessions are notable in the annexe for the sound of laughter.

At the College meeting at the end of November, Bhante met with a number of the Indian preceptors’ kula and enjoyed a photo with them. Those present were: Adityabodhi, Amoghasiddhi, Amritadipa, Chandrashil, Jnanasuri and Yashosagar. And then just a couple of days ago, before the Men’s Dharma training course ended, Bhante also met with them to say goodbye with a photo.

Also in the time that has passed since the last diary report, Bhante has almost completed his course of Lucentis injections in his left eye. Having recently met with his consultant in the hospital he has just one final injection to have. There have also been one or two more minor visits to the doctor’s surgery for things like his flu jab, and so apart from the occasional night of poor sleep, Bhante’s health continues to be very fair, and it is often commented on by those that do meet with him, that he seems to be very well and better than in the last few years.”

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