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Sangharakshita’s Diary

On Thu, 19 November, 2015 - 09:43
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Sthanashraddha is Sangharakshita’s secretary. He writes from Adhisthana, UK:

“It’s the middle of November and looking out across the pond the wind is rushing across the great field and rippling the water into peaks and troughs of grey that mirror the leaden skies above. The beech trees are all but bare, while the oaks are only now turning and shedding their mantle.

Over the last Shabda month Bhante’s health has continued to be robust though unfortunately his energy levels have been upset due to a period of erratic sleep patterns ranging from some full and long nights of sleep with one or two late mornings, right through to nights of almost no sound sleep at all. Of course this has had the effect of Bhante feeling very tired and being unable to see many people over this period, as he simply has not had the capacity to do so.

As mentioned in last month’s diary Bhante’s visit to the Royal Worcester Hospital to see his consultant eye specialist resulted in a referral to look at some deterioration in his right eye. However, having seen the new consultant Bhante has been given the first of a series of three Lucentis injections to his left eye at the treatment centre in Kidderminster, which will then be followed up with the other two injections at later intervals and a fourth trip out back to Worcester hospital to see the consultant.

Over the last few days the College of Public Preceptors has begun its international meeting here and although many meetings are going on and Bhante meets who he can, what goes on outside the annexe rarely seems to disturb the quiet, reflective atmosphere within.”

Photo courtesy of Suvajra (cropped)

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