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On Fri, 2 March, 2018 - 10:14
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Sthanashraddha is Bhante’s secretary. He writes from AdhisthanaUK:

“Coming to the end of February here at Adhisthana and the UK is gripped in a cold snap, which the media are calling the ‘Beast from the East’, while the ponds are frozen over and the garden is dusted in snow, Sanghadeva gets to take it easy, Yashodeva on the other hand is installing a new kitchen in the Dharma life course community, and a new tea bar in the lower dining room.

At the end of January around 11 or 12 of the Adhisthana Sangha including myself travelled to India for the convention, so Adhisthana was exceptionally quiet, with no events on and very few people in the communities. Bhante too had a fairly quiet time, seeing just a few people from the communities and further afield. During this time Mahamati was covering the secretarial work and spending time with Bhante.

The following people met with Bhante between 24 January and 28 February: Sarah Thorne, Vidyamala, Saddhanandi, Akasajoti, Miles Pilling, Robert Ellis, Padmalila, Alev Elliott, Kalyanaprabha, Danasamudra, Sanghadeva, Poly Welsby, Singhashri, Amalacitta, Rachael Edgar, Gurnam Bubber and Saddhaloka.

On 24 February, Bhante was invited over to the lecture hall where the Adhisthana Sangha threw a small celebratory tea party with bunting and home-made cakes in honour of the fifth anniversary of his moving to Adhisthana. Saddhanandi interviewed Bhante for us and they talked about that time and some of the last five years, how it’s been for Bhante living here, and choosing the name etc. Bhante seemed on good form and very much enjoying Saddhanandi’s interviewing style and hopefully something will be made of the video recording.

On the writing front Bhante is currently not working on anything having finished his piece on Rainbows, which is a quite important piece as it does offer a clarification on the use of the term ’a re-founding of the order’.

Bhante is also reorganising the books in his living room, many of which have been sent over to the library with Sanghadasa’s help. The space that has been created seems to be filling up with different objects and images.

Also at the end of February I joined Bhante and Sanghadasa for the drive to Worcester on an exceptionally cold afternoon with passing snow clouds and bursts of brilliant winter sunshine, for his most recent visit to the eye clinic. While I sat in reception Bhante went for his eye examination with the consultant who prescribed further treatment. The journey back being somewhat drawn out by rush hour traffic and road work delays saw us home late for dinner arriving after 6:30.

With metta, Sthanashraddha.”

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