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On Thu, 6 August, 2015 - 23:11
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Collect. Contribute. Celebrate!

There are just under three weeks until Sangharakshita’s 90th birthday on Tuesday 26th August, on which we’d like to give him the money for the one thing he really wants – the publication of his Complete Works, online and on paper, for everyone, for ever. We just need another £34,000; not much between the thousands of people in Triratna worldwide! Please give whatever you can and invite your study groups, GFR groups and chapters to join in.

Over on the The Buddhist Centre Online’s Sangharakshita@90 pages you can find a series of videos, written posts and audio and written interviews building up to his birthday.

In particular, in addition to this 5-minute video conversation between Kalyanaprabha and Vidyadevi (Bhante’s literary editors) featured left, there’s a fascinating written account by Kalyanaprabha of the work they are already doing on the Complete Works project, dividing Bhante’s writings in to six “baskets”. 

It’s an inspiring read, not least because it helps us understand the interest, importance and magnitude of the project for which we are fundraising in the lead up to Bhante’s birthday. It’s no mere dream; it’s already happening.

However, in order to complete this project, we do need to raise £100,000. We’re 66% of the way there, so we just need your help to complete the job.

You can give in a choice of eight currencies in addition to British pounds. So far individual donations range from £10 to £300 or the equivalent in dollars or Euros. Please give whatever you can.

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