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Rejoicing in Dhammarati and introducing Saddhaloka

On Wed, 1 July, 2015 - 16:07
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The members of Triratna’s College of Public Preceptors come together twice a year at Adhisthana to practise, strengthen their kalyana mitrata (spiritual friendships) and discuss a range of issues affecting the Order and Movement.

Vidyatara works for the College. She writes:

“The College’s March meeting had a particular focus on transition, with Dhammarati stepping down as Chair of the College after a decade of service and handing on his responsibilities to Saddhaloka. This short film was made by Public Preceptor Moksananda, to capture this important change. You can also view it on the College’s own space here on The Buddhist Centre Online. 

The film gives a strong sense of Dhammarati and his many qualities. It also explores the role of College Chair and what the job has meant to him. It looks at his contribution to Triratna - and also introduces Saddhaloka as the new Chair of the College.

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The time has ziped by. Dhammarati; I haven’t been to the UK sense you were around, I missed out. But still, I very much thank you. Saddhaloka - as you are, wonderful.