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Recent books from Sangharakshita

On Thu, 13 November, 2014 - 18:50
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Two recent publications from Sangharakshita and his editor Kalyanaprabha offer a view on the early stages in the development of his teaching of the Dharma.

Early Writings: 1944-1954
Anagarika Dharmapala: A Biographical Sketch and Other Maha Bodhi Writings

Visiting Kalimpong last year, I met a German academic who was researching the encounter of western Buddhists with Tibetan teachers in Kalimpong in the 1950s – and the effect of this encounter on those teachers and the development of the teaching of Tibetan Buddhism in the west.

Though it was obvious that Tibetan teachers had affected the lives of the westerners they taught, I had never thought of that encounter affecting the thinking of their teachers.

These two early volumes from Sangharakshita help us to understand how this could be. Both are joint publications from Ibis Publications, Bhante’s own imprint, and Triratna’s publishers, Windhorse Publications.

Early Writings: 1944-1954 is a collection of pieces written over a 10-year period crucial to the development of Sangharakshita’s thought and expression. In these articles, visionary or deeply reflective, we hear voice of the writer of A Survey of Buddhism. He ranges over entire field of Buddhism and the encounter of Buddhism with western culture and modern life. He brilliantly explains the implications for humanity of the Buddha’s teaching of selflessness.

Anagarika Dharmapala: A Biographical Sketch and Other Maha Bodhi Writings tells the life story of one of Buddhism’s leading figures – responsible for reclaiming the Maha Bodhi temple at Bodhgaya as a Buddhist holy site - with vividness and passion.

The volume also includes a series of pieces written by Sangharakshita under the pseudonym ‘Himavantavasi’, which were first published in India’s Maha Bodhi Journal in the 1950s.

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