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Ratnaprabha Becomes Chair of the North London Buddhist Centre

On Fri, 28 September, 2018 - 12:14
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Sunday the 16th September at the North London Buddhist Centre was multifaceted:
* Celebrating Padmasambhava Day,
* Holding four Mitra ceremonies (Afra, Charlie, Laura and Remi),
* Rejoicing in the outgoing chair, Visuddhimati,
* And inaugurating Ratnaprabha as the new chair.

Look out for the ceremonial Vajra (a brass thunderbolt symbolising transformation).

Ratnaprabha will kick off with a series of public lectures on Saturday mornings at 11:30, inspired by the Buddha’s teaching to the Fire Worshippers, “The World is burning with the fires of greed, hatred and delusion”. They are on 6 October, 3 November and 1 December.

Find out more about ‘The World is Burning’ series at the North London Buddhist Centre

Listen to the first ‘Budcast’ - ‘Needing Nothing’

Photo credits: Dharma Reddy and Matthew Peglar.

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