College of Public Preceptors

Public Ordinations at Sudarshanaloka

On Fri, 24 March, 2023 - 18:36
Purna's picture

We are delighted to announce that the ordinations of the following three men took place at Sudarshanaloka Retreat Centre in New Zealand on 23rd March 2023:

Roberto Gonzalez-Casanovas becomes Buddhanusarin (both ‘a’s are long), a Sanskrit name meaning “He who is a follower of the Buddha”

Registered spelling Buddhanusarin
Private preceptor Ratnavyuha

Malcolm Dow becomes Sthiraratna (long ‘i’), a Sanskrit name meaning “He whose jewel-like quality is firm and steadfast”

Registered spelling Sthiraratna
Private preceptor Silaratna

Fraser Bruce becomes Darsanasiddhi (acute accent over the first ’s’ ), a Sanskrit name meaning “He who has the accomplishment of vision”

Registered spelling Darshanasiddhi
Private preceptor Guhyasiddhi

The Public preceptor for all three men was Purna.

The picture shows left to right Buddhanusarin, Darshanasiddhi and Sthiraratna.

With metta,


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