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Public Ordinations at Guhyaloka Retreat Centre in Spain

On Wed, 2 May, 2018 - 10:13
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We are delighted to announce the names of the seventeen new Dharmacharis who were publicly ordained on the 30th April at Guhyaloka Retreat Centre.

Public Preceptor Arthapriya

Martin Harris becomes Maitrisimha
A Sanskrit name meaning “Lion of Loving Kindness”
Westernised spelling: Maitrisingha
Private preceptor: Paramabandhu

Dominic Reynolds becomes Moksaghosa
A Sanskrit name meaning “Voice of Liberation”
Westernised spelling: Mokshaghosha
Private preceptor: Ratnaghosha

John Halsall becomes Hrdyavaca
A Sanskrit name meaning “He Who Speaks from the Heart”
Westernised spelling: Hridayavaca
Private preceptor: Rijumitra

Tom Sangster becomes Karunanatha
A Sanskrit name meaning “Compassionate Protector”
Westernised spelling: Karunanatha
Private preceptor: Bodhivamsa

Alan Worrell becomes Amaladana
A name meaning “He whose Generosity is Pure”
Westernised spelling: Amaladana
Private preceptor: Jnanavaca

Daniel Champ becomes Maitrivaca
A Sanskrit name meaning “He who has Loving Speech”
Westernised spelling: Maitrivaca
Private preceptor: Sujana

Daniel Allen becomes Pradaya
A Sanskrit name meaning “He who has Much Kindness”
Westernised spelling: Pradaya
Private preceptor: Achara

Paul Whitehead becomes Vidyapala 
A name meaning “Protector of Wisdom”
Westernised spelling: Vidyapala
Private preceptor: Arthavadin

Graham Dellow becomes Amaradaya 
A name meaning “He whose Kindness is Undying”
Westernised spelling: Amaradaya
Private preceptor: Aparajita

Will Proctor becomes Satyakirti
A Sanskrit name meaning “He whose Glory is Truth”
Westernised spelling: Satyakirti
Private preceptor: Satyaraja

Robin Allan becomes Prajnahrdaya
A Sanskrit name meaning “He who Places his Heart in Wisdom”
Westernised spelling: Prajnahridaya
Private preceptor: Satyaraja

Jimmy Simpson becomes Subhanaga
A Pali name meaning “The beautiful or pure naga”
Westernised spelling: Shubhanaga
Private preceptor: Arthasiddhi

Christopher Redman becomes Kamalanaga
A Pali name meaning “The Naga who is Like the Red Lotus”
Westernised spelling: Kamalanaga
Private preceptor: Arthasiddhi

Public Preceptor Ratnavyuha

Harvey Tuck becomes Maitrikasin
A Sanskrit name meaning “He who Shines with Metta”
Westernised spelling: Maitrikashin
Private preceptor: Arunamalin

David Vella becomes Sanghapurna
A Sanskrit name meaning “He who is Fulfilled in or by the Sangha”
Westernised spelling: Sanghapurna
Private preceptor: Arunamalin

Peter Jury becomes Siladeva
A name meaning “He who is like a God through his Virtuous Conduct”
Westernised spelling: Siladeva
Private preceptor: Dharmadhara

Tony Shaw becomes Vijayamuni
A name meaning “Victorious Sage”
Westernised spelling: Vijayamuni
Private preceptor: Guhyasiddhi

Sadhu! Sadhu! Sadhu!

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