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Public ordinations at Guhyaloka

On Mon, 4 May, 2015 - 17:50
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We are delighted to inform you that the following ordinations took place today, Buddha Day, Monday 4th May 2015, at Guhyaloka Retreat Centre in Spain.

Public Preceptor: Mokshananda
Pedro Raul Vidal Anaya
becomes Saddhaketu: “He whose faith is his banner”.
Private Preceptor” Ratnaghosha.

Public Preceptor: Satyaraja
Klaus Stock becomes Suvarnadipa: “Golden light”.
Private Preceptor Saddhaloka
John Gridley becomes Jinaketu: “He who has a ray of light of the conqueror”.
Private Preceptor Danapriya.
Tim Crosskey becomes Abhayanara: “Fearless man”.
Private Preceptor Sanghadeva
Ian Barker becomes Padmadasa: “Servant of the lotus”.
Private Preceptor Prakasha
Peter Cox becomes Jnanaruchi: “He whose wight is from wisdom”.
Private Preceptor Ratnaghosha
Damian Gill becomes Amayachitta: “He whose mind is free from deceit”.
Private Preceptor Vipulakirti

Public Preceptor: Maitreyabandhu
David Welsh becomes Shraddhapa: “He who protects his faith”.
Private Preceptor Surata
Ben Niblock becomes Vidyavachin: “He who expresses knowledge”.
Private Preceptor Satyaraja
Chris Effendowicz becomes Silabodhi: “He whose awakening is through skilful conduct”.
Private Preceptor Mahasraddha
Ian Ward becomes Vararuchi: “Desire for the sublime”.
Private Preceptor Jinapalita
Eoin Dowling becomes Maitridaka: “Giver of friendship”.
Private Preceptor Arthapriya.

Sadhu! Sadhu! Sadhu!

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