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Public ordinations at Akashavana

On Fri, 16 October, 2020 - 16:47
Sadayasihi's picture

We are delighted to announce that three new Dharmacharinis were ordained at Akashavana on 16th October 2020. 

Public preceptor: Paramachitta

Monica Tamarit becomes Kavyadhi (long first ‘a’ and long ‘i’) - a Sanskrit name that means ‘She whose wisdom is inspired, creative and poetic’.
Private Preceptor: Saddhakara

Carmina Amaya becomes Bhavati (long first ‘a’) - a Sanskrit name that means ‘She who is full of light’.
Private Preceptor: Saddhakara

Reme Rojo becomes Suriyadassana (long last ‘a’) - a Pali name that means ’She who has sun-like vision or insight’.
Private Preceptor: Vidyasri 

Sadhu, Sadhu, Sadhu!

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