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Public Ordinations at Akashavana

On Fri, 14 September, 2018 - 17:56
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We are very pleased to announce the public ordination of the following seven women at Akashavana Retreat Centre.

Public Preceptor Punyamala:

Cait Hughes becomes Dānajotī (Pali)
Official westernised spelling: Danajoti
Name meaning: ”She whose light is generosity”
Private Preceptor: Maitrisara

Tracey Dibble becomes Prajñāśrī (Sanskrit)
Official westernised spelling: Prajnashri
Name meaning: ”She who has the radiance of wisdom”
Private Preceptor: Santasiddhi

Inge Heathfield becomes Candramaitrī (Sanskrit)
Official westernised spelling: Candramaitri
Name meaning: ”She whose love is like the moon”
Private Preceptor: Sucimani

Rachel Rowe becomes Śraddhātārā (Sanskrit)
Official westernised spelling: Shraddhatara
Name meaning: ”She who is a guiding star of faith”
Private Preceptor: Dayanandi

Public Preceptor Maitreyi:

Jane Garratt becomes Prajñānandi (Sanskrit)
Official westernised spelling: Prajnanandi
Name meaning: ”She whose joy is wisdom”
Private Preceptor: Vijayasri

Vicki Clark becomes Dhammacittā (Pali)
Official westernised spelling: Dhammacitta
Name meaning: ”She who is or has a heart or mind of or about the Dharma”
Private Preceptor: Padmasuri


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