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Public Ordinations at Adhisthana

On Mon, 13 May, 2019 - 11:21
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We are delighted to announce that the following women received their public ordination at Adhisthana on 12th May 2019.

The public preceptor was Parami.

Mary Hastings becomes Dhipalita, a Sanskrit name meaning ‘She who is protected by Wisdom’. (Long first ‘i’ and long final ‘a’).
Westernised spelling: Dhipalita.
Private preceptor: Saddhanandi

Denise Carlyle becomes Advayagita, a Sanskrit name meaning ‘She who sings of non-duality’. (Long ‘i’ and long final ‘a’).
Westernised spelling: Advayagita.
Private preceptor: Santasiddhi.

Irene Hardy becomes Amayika, a Sanskrit name meaning. ‘She who is without deceit’. (Long second and final ‘a’s).
Westernised spelling: Amayika.
Private preceptor: Santasiddhi.

Tracey Smith becomes Satyanadi, a Sanskrit name meaning ‘She who is a river of truth’. (Long ‘i’).
Westernised spelling: Satyanadi.
Private preceptor: Amritamati.

Marilyn Williams becomes Prajñasisya, a Sanskrit name meaning ‘She who is a disciple of wisdom’. (Diacritic mark over the ‘n’, long second and final ‘a’s, acute accent over the first ‘s’ and dot under the second ‘s’).
Westernised spelling: Prajnashishya.
Private preceptor: Kalyacitta.

Lynda Taylor becomes Abhayamani, a Sanskrit name meaning ‘She who is or has the jewel of fearlessness’ (dot under the ‘n’).
Westernised spelling: Abhayamani.
Private preceptor: Kamalagita.

Pam Cooper becomes Saddhajivini, a Pali name meaning ‘She who lives from faith’ (long second ‘a’, long first and final ‘i’s).
Westernised spelling: Saddhajivini.
Private preceptor: Moksanandi.

Jeanette Forman was reordained taking once again the name Vijayanandi (no diacritics), meaning ‘She who delights in spiritual victory’. 
Westernised spelling is also Vijayanandi.
Vijayanandi’s private preceptor was Srimala.


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satyamati's picture
Dear ones, Many congratulations to you all, welcome to the Order. Look forward to meeting you. Love and well wishing, Satyamati xx
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Sadhu! Sadhu! Sadhu!'s picture

Beloved Sisters,

So bright and beautiful you all look. 


May all blessings be yours.

Love and metta from Abs 

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Message for Dhammarati, I would like to include this photo in our next edition of Hridayavani, the online newsletter for women Training For Ordination, which I am just compiling, if you would give your permission. Many thanks, Lesley Davison

dhammarati's picture

Hi Lesley, yep very happy for it to be used: thank you for asking. If you want a bit more choice, send me your email address and i can send you a link to the album of pics from the Ordinations