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Peacock Plumes in Southampton - Introducing The Amitabha Project

On Tue, 1 March, 2022 - 12:00
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Centre Team

Since opening the centre in the converted premises of the old Plume of Feathers pub in the St Mary’s district four years ago, The Southampton Buddhist Center has been through a period of what feels like an incubation of new sangha lives. During the Covid pandemic, 20 people have had their mitra ceremonies. There have been two local ordinations and numerous ordination requests.

Now that the lockdowns have eased, these lives are interacting together in a range of endeavors that are becoming known as The Amitabha Project. Multiple teams are forming to support the growth of Triratna in the city. From class support teams, publicity design and fundraising, through gatherings for Buddhist parents, there is a growing spirit of inspired cooperation that is deepening the bonds of friendship between all participants.

Central to the project is transformation of the physical centre space itself to become ever more beautiful, warm and welcoming. The first phase is the renewal of the shrine room, which is almost complete and ready for its opening ceremony and dedication on Parinirvana Day. Further phases will expand the capacity of the reception space and enhance the kitchen facilities.

Just as the iridescent eyes of Peacock plumes derive from the transformation of the poison of self-cherishing, so can engagement with this project channel our own energy and resources into a place of human and physical beauty that can benefit others in our city into the future.

If you’d like to help the Southhampton Sangha with their noble endeavors financially, or simply find out more about the project and how to engage with it here, click on the link below.

With metta,
Dharmachakra team

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