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Ordinations at Taraloka, UK

On Sat, 20 December, 2014 - 20:31
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The following women were publicly ordained at Taraloka Retreat Centre, UK today, Saturday 20th December 2014. The ceremony was attended by around 80 people: friends, family and local sangha.

Public preceptor Parami
Rachael North becomes Amaladhi, a Sanskrit name meaning ‘She of stainless (pure) wisdom’ (long ‘i’).
Private preceptor: Padmavajri

Erika Mansnerus becomes Dharmaprabha, a Sanskrit name meaning ‘She whose light is the Dharma’ (long final ‘a’).
Private preceptor: Muditasri

Jenny Franks becomes Saranasiri, a Pali name meaning ‘Radiance of the refuges’ (dot under the n and long final ‘i’).
Private preceptor: Sridevi

Mel Pope becomes Udaramati, a Sanskrit or Pali name meaning ‘She whose mind is on noble things’ (long first ‘a’).
Private preceptor: Asokasuri

Public preceptor Dhammadinna
Chris Truss becomes Upeksadhi, a Sanskrit name meaning ‘She who has the wisdom of equanimity’ (dot under the ‘s’, long ‘a’ and long ‘i’).
Private preceptor: Shubha

Sadhu! Sadhu! Sadhu!
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