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Ordinations in Sydney and Spain

On Tue, 25 March, 2014 - 05:21
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Sona and Maniraja write from Sydney and Spain, with news of three ordinations into the Triratna Buddhist Order. From Sydney, Sona says “We held the Public Ordination of Glen Davies at the Sydney Buddhist Centre at noon on 22nd March 2014. He becomes Nandavani, “He whose Voice is Joyful”, written with a line above the third a, and a dot under the third n. The public ordination was a very joyful event attended by about 60 people packing out the shrine room. I was his Public Preceptor and Khemadhamma his Private Preceptor”.

And from Guhyaloka Retreat Centre in Spain, Maniraja writes “Dos ordinationes publicas hoy en el centro de retiro de Guhyaloka. Alexis Aguilar se convierte en Vimokkhadipa. El que es una isla de la liberacion. Preceptor Privado Vajranatha. Adolf Guirao se convierte en Silamani. El que es una joya de la etica. Preceptor Privado Amalamati. Preceptor Publico Mokshananda”.

Or in English, “The Public Ordinations of two Spanish men were held on Saturday March 22nd, with Alexis Aguilar becoming Vimokkhadipa, “He who is an Island of Liberation”, written with a line above the second I; and Adolf Guirao becoming Silamani, “He who is a Jewel of Ethics”, written with a line over the first I and a dot under the n. Vimokkhadipa’s Private Preceptor was Vajranatha and Silamani’s was Amalamati. Moksananda was their Public Preceptor”.

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