College of Public Preceptors

Ordinations at Padmaloka

On Wed, 12 July, 2023 - 11:11
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Dear Order Members

I am delighted to announce the ordinations of the following seven men at Padmaloka on Saturday 1st July 2023.
with metta,

Public Preceptor Arthapriya:

David Culver becomes Amalavasin (long fourth a) “He who dwells in purity”
Private Preceptor: Vajrashura 
Andrew Bickley becomes Silaphala (long i) “He who has the fruits of ethical conduct”
Private Preceptor: Rijumitra
Len Dillon becomes Anandamoksha (long first a) “He who is liberated through joy”
Private Preceptor: Sthirajyoti
Martin Lewis becomes Vajranistha “Devoted to the Vajra”
Private Preceptor: Mahashraddha
Alex Lodge becomes Kusalaraja (long third a) “A king of skilful action”
Private Preceptor: Nandavajra
Public Preceptor Surata:
Andrew Wassel becomes Sthirashraddha “He who has a steadfast faith”
Private Preceptor: Kusala
John Barry becomes Sthiradipa (long second i) “He who is a steadfast and unwavering lamp” 

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