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Ordinations in New Zealand

On Sun, 5 October, 2014 - 00:17
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At a public ordination held on Thursday 2nd in Golden Bay, New Zealand, eight new Dharmacharinis joined the Order.

Public preceptor Varadevi

Sue Walker becomes Prasadajata (Sanskrit) - “Born/arisen with purity”
Private preceptor Maitripala
Jodie Dempster becomes Rijumayi (Sanskrit) - “Filled with integrity”
Private preceptor Dharmanandi
Janet Bremner becomes Sagaradhi (Sanskrit) - “She whose knowledge and wisdom are like the ocean”
Private preceptor Malini
Dianne May becomes Kusalamani (Pali) - “She whose jewel is skillfulness”
Private preceptor Dharmanandi

Public preceptor Dharmanandi

Helen Roach becomes Vasudhara (Sanskrit)/Pali) - “She who is a stream of beneficence”
Private preceptor Varadevi
Dianne Laws becomes Mettadharini (Pali) - “She who possesses loving-kindness
Private preceptor Varadevi
Jo Dinsdale becomes Upekshamani (Sanskrit) She who has the jewel of equanimity
Private preceptor Varadevi
Marian Van Enst became Dhiracharita (Sanskrit) - “She whose practice is constant”
Private Preceptor Chittaprabha

Sadhu! Sadhu! Sadhu!
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