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Ordinations at Bordharan, India

On Sun, 1 March, 2015 - 00:26
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We are delighted to announce that the following men had their public ordination ceremony at Hsuan Tsang Retreat Centre, Bordharan, Maharashtra, India on 22nd February 2015. The ceremony was attended by around 600 people, including friends and family.

Public preceptor Chandrasil
Private preceptor: Amoghasiddhi

Ravikar Ramteke (south Nagpur) becomes Arthakirti: “Flame of beneficial activity”
Yogesh Kamble (south Nagpur) becomes Vajrakirti: “Having a diamond-like flame”
Ashok Thulkar (south Nagpur) becomes Aryakirti: “Having a noble flame”

Public preceptor Amoghasiddhi
Private preceptor Nagaketu

Punjabrao Dighade (Dhamangaon) becomes Ratnashalin: “Possessor of jewels”
Mukund Chokhandre (Wardha) becomes Nitiratna: “Jewel of virtue”
Satish Rahate (Mitraloka NBC) becomes Padmanaga (The meaning of his name is still being clarified.)

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