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Ordinations at Bhaja, India

On Thu, 8 January, 2015 - 19:58
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The following 17 women were ordained at Bhaja Retreat Centre, India, on 4th January 2015.

This is the largest number of women to enter the Triratna Buddhist Order in India at any one time, including the first ordinations of women from the state of Gujarat.

Private preceptor Jnanasuri
Public Preceptor Karunamaya

Shital Wankhede from Thane becomes Utpala - Blue Lotus.
Savita Kosambi from Ahmedabad (Gujarat) becomes Yashonanda - She who delights in success, glory and splendour.
Kalpana Jadhav from Dapodi (Pune) becomes Modini - She who rejoices.
Surekha Gade from Camp (Pune) becomes Yashottama - The best of success, glory and splendour.
Kalpana Waghmare from Pimpri (Pune) becomes Prashanti - Calm and quiet mind.
Asha Jadhava from Thane becomes Jayapriya - She who loves victory.
Archana Thosar from Yerawada (Pune) becomes Vajrajaya - She who conquers energy in pursuit of the good.

Private Preceptor Karunamaya
Public Preceptor Jnanasuri

Niru Rodge from Dapodi (Pune) becomes Shuddhavajri - She who has the diamond (vajra) of purity.
Jyotsana Vardhan from Ahmedabad (Gujarat) becomes Sujnana - She who has good knowledge/wisdom.
Madhavi Maitrye from Dapodi (Pune) becomes Abhayajyoti - She who is the light/flame of fearlessness.
Ranjana Meshram from Pimpri (Pune) becomes Pasadajyoti - She who is the light/flame of calm, clarity, brightness, purity and joy.

Private Preceptor Vijaya
Public Preceptor Jnanasuri

Shila Sreshthi from Vadodara (Gujarat) becomes Amoghadarshini - Perceiving faultlessly.
Shila Shakya from Adipur (Gujarat) becomes Anomasuri - Excellent heroine.
Lalita Meshram from Noida (Uttar Pradesh) becomes Aryavajri - Noble diamond.
Pramila Phulpagar from Thane becomes Padmalochana - Lotus eyed.
Vatsala Kadlak from Pimpri (Pune) becomes Aryavati - Having noble quality.
Megha Jawle from Pimpri (Pune) becomes Vajradharini - Diamond holder.

Sadhu! Sadhu! Sadhu!

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Thank you Munisha. I was waiting for the names. I know some of them well.