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Ordinations at Aryaloka, U.S.

On Mon, 17 September, 2018 - 10:36
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We are very pleased to announce that on Sunday, September 16th, 2018, at Aryaloka Buddhist Centre in the United States, the following two people had their public ordinations.

Diane Palaces becomes Maitrivati (Sanskrit)
Name meaning: ”She who has a Garden of Loving Kindness”
Private Preceptor: Dayalocana
Public Preceptor: Karunadevi

Barry Timmerman becomes Dharmasukta (Sanskrit)
Name meaning: ”Song of praise for the Dharma”
Private Preceptor: Surakshita
Public Preceptor: Nagabodhi


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Aryaloka is a place dedicated to the study and practice of Buddhism. Aryaloka offers a full calendar of classes extending from basic Buddhism workshops to middle reflection examine gatherings. These week by week and month to month classes serve the nearby community of practicing Buddhists all through New Hampshire, Maine and Massachusetts. Aryaloka likewise offers numerous retreats. They celebrate numerous celebrations and customs including Full Moon Puja, Padmasambhava Day, and Sangha Day. Alongside these numerous occasions, Aryaloka additionally takes an interest in a jail outreach program and is dynamic with different religious networks in the New Hampshire zone. 

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