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Ordinations at Akashavana

On Thu, 21 September, 2017 - 10:18
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We are delighted to announce that the following women were publicly ordained at Akashavana, Spain, on 16th September:

Public preceptor: Parami

Elizabeth Hellard becomes Kamalasiri
a Pali name meaning ’She who has the beauty of a lotus’. 
Westernised spelling: Kamalasiri.
Private preceptor: Dayalocana

Penny Strange becomes Vidyamani
a Sanskrit/Pali name meaning ’She who is like a jewel of knowledge’.
(Long first’a’ and last ‘i’ and dot under the ‘n’)
Westernised spelling: Vidyamani
Private preceptor: Saddhanandi

Meera Vig becomes Aksobhini
a Sanskrit name meaning ’She who is imperturbable’.
(Dot under the ‘s’ and the ‘n’ and long last ‘i’)
Westernised spelling: Akshobhini
Private Preceptor: Malini

Sharon Reed becomes Maitrisambhava
a Sanskrit/Pali name meaning ’Born from loving kindness’.
(Long second ‘i’ and last ‘a’)
Westernised spelling: Maitrisambhava
Private preceptor: Candraprabha

Lynne Khorasani becomes Prajnajaya
a Sanskrit/Pali name meaning ’She whose victory comes through wisdom”. 
(~ above the ‘n’ and long second and last ‘a’s)
Westernised spelling: Prajñajaya
Private preceptor: Dassini

Gill Davies becomes Jyotidana
a Sanskrit name meaning ’She who gives light’.
(Both ‘a’s are long.)
Westernised spelling: Jyotidana
Private preceptor: Kalyacitta

Public preceptor: Paramachitta

Jackie Clarke becomes Maitrinita
a Sanskrit name meaning ’She who is guided or led by maitri’.
(Long second and third ‘i’ and long last ‘a’)
Westernised spelling: Maitrinita
Private preceptor: Suryagupta

Danièle Adam becomes Acalagita
a Sanskrit/Pali name meaning ‘She whose song is of the unwavering’.
(Long ‘i’ and long last ‘a’)
Westernised spelling: Acalagita
Private preceptor: Vajrapuspa

Public preceptor: Maitreyi

Helen Freake becomes Lilamati
a Sanskrit/Pali name meaning ’She whose understanding is playful’.
(Long first ‘i’ and first ‘a’)
Westernised spelling: Lilamati
Private preceptor: Saddhanandi

Caroline Rogers becomes Bodhamayi
a Sanskrit name meaning: ‘Full of Enlightenment/Awakening’.
(Long ‘i’)
Westernised spelling: Bodhamayi
Private preceptor: Amritamati

Ursula Brosch becomes Muduka
a Pali name meaning ’She whose heart is tender and receptive’.
(Long ‘a’)
Westernised spelling: Muduka
Private preceptor: Taracitta

Jaimie Redwood becomes Aryadhi
a Sanskrit/Pali name meaning: ‘Noble-wisdom’.
(Long first ‘a’ and long ‘i’)
Westernised spelling: Aryadhi
Private preceptor: Srivati

Jan John becomes Maddava
a Pali name meaning ’The gentle one’.
(Long last ‘a’).
Westernised spelling: Maddava
Private preceptor: Amritamati

Sue McKenna becomes Amalajoti
a Pali name meaning ’She whose radiance is pure and stainless’. 
Westernised spelling: Amalajoti
Private preceptor: Vidyamala

Cate Clark becomes Amalacitta
a Sanskrit name meaning: ‘She whose heart / mind is stainless and pure’.
(Long last ‘a’).
Westernised spelling: Amalachitta
Private preceptor: Vidyamala

Sadhu! Sadhu! Sadhu!

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Sadhu!Sadhu! Sadhu!