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Ordinations at Akashavana

On Mon, 5 June, 2017 - 21:51
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We are delighted to announce the public ordinations of the following women, at Akashavana Retreat Centre in Spain on Saturday 3rd June 2017.

Public preceptor: Parami

Monika Podgorska becomes Upeksanandi
(dot under the ‘s’, long ‘i’)
Sanskrit / Pali name meaning: She who delights in equanimity
Westernised spelling: Upekshanandi
Private preceptor: Dharmavasini

Mairead Keane becomes Prajnamayi
(tilde above the ‘n’, long ‘i’) 
Sanskrit name meaning: She who is filled with wisdom
Westernised spelling: Prajnamayi
Private preceptor: Paramachitta

Theresa O’Leary becomes Kusalacitta
(long final ‘a’)
Sanskrit / Pali name meaning: She whose mind is skilful
Westernised spelling: Kusalachitta
Private preceptor: Sudrishti

Jenny Roberts becomes Sakyapada
(Acute accent on the ‘s’, long first and last ‘a’)
Sanskrit name meaning: She whose path is with the Buddha
Westernised spelling: Shakyapada
Private preceptor: Vijayasri

Public preceptor: Paramachitta

Patricia Wolff-Peron becomes Aryanita
(long first and last ‘a’ and long ‘i’)
Sanskrit name meaning: She who is guided by what is noble 
(Celle qui est guidée par ce qui est noble)
Westernised spelling: Aryanita
Private preceptor: Vassika

Sarah Jones becomes Akasalila
(acute accent on the ‘s’, long first, second and last ‘a’ and long ‘i’)
Sanskrit name meaning: The play of luminous space
Westernised spelling: Akashalila
Private preceptor: Amritamati

Public preceptor: Punyamala

Erica Law becomes Akasasri
(acute accent on both ‘s’ s, long first and second ‘a’ and long ‘i’)
Sanskrit name meaning: She whose radiance is vast like space
Westernised spelling: Akashashri
Private preceptor: Vajrajyoti

Bev Wilson becomes Anavajja
(long last ‘a’)
Pali name meaning: Irreproachable (ethical behaviour)
Westernised spelling: Anavajja
Private preceptor: Atulyamati

Kate Hunt becomes Satyamegha
(long last ‘a’)
Sanskrit name meaning: Being like a cloud of truth
Westernised spelling: Satyamegha
Private preceptor: Khemasiri

Mary Wild becomes Kamalamati
Sanskrit name meaning: Lotus mind / heart
Westernised spelling: Kamalamati
Private preceptor: Saddhahadaya

Lynda Rose becomes Anudaya
(long last ‘a’)
Sanskrit name meaning: She who is full of compassion
Westernised spelling: Anudaya
Private preceptor: Prajnadevi

Lydia Morris becomes Siladevi 
(acute accent on the ‘s’ and long first and last ‘i’)
Sanskrit / Pali name meaning: Goddess of virtue
Westernised spelling: Shiladevi
Private preceptor: Vajratara

Sadhu! ​Sadhu! ​Sadhu!

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