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Ordinations at Akashavana

On Mon, 14 September, 2015 - 15:43
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We are delighted to announce that the following women were publicly ordained at Akashavana, in Spain, on 11th September 2015:

Public preceptor: Parami
Suzie Tisch becomes Maitrihrdaya, a Sanskrit name meaning ‘She who has a heart of loving kindness’. (Long second ‘i’, dot under the second ‘r’ and long final ‘a’)
Westernised spelling: Maitrihridaya
Private preceptor: Satyapada

Claudia Bock becomes Karunaseva, a Sanskrit name meaning ‘In the service of compassion’. (Dot under ‘n’ long final ‘a’)
Westernised spelling: Karunaseva
Private preceptor: Kulanandi

Kay Bovis becomes Moksadarsini, a Sanskrit/Pali name meaning ‘She whose vision is of freedom’. (Dot under the first ‘s’ and accent over the second ‘s’ and long final ‘i’)
Westernised spelling: Mokshadarshini
Private preceptor: Vijayasri

Public preceptor: Punyamala
Kathryn Entwistle becomes Kamaladhi, a Sanskrit name meaning ‘She whose wisdom is of the lotus’. (Long final ‘i’)
Westernised spelling: Kamaladhi
Private preceptor: Dayanandi

Public preceptor: Maitreyi
Gill Aitken becomes Satyamuni, a Sanskrit name meaning ‘Seer of the truth’. (Long final ‘i’)
Westernised spelling: Satyamuni
Private preceptor: Suchitta

Sarah Chatterton becomes Bodhipuspa, a Sanskrit name meaning ‘Flower of awakening’. (Dot under the ‘s’ and long ‘a’)
Westernised spelling: Bodhipushpa
Private preceptor: Moksanandi

Sadhu! Sadhu! Sadhu!

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