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Ordinations at Akasavana

On Sun, 7 June, 2015 - 12:12
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The following women were publicly ordained at Akashavana on Saturday 6th June 2015:

Public Preceptor Maitreyi
Kia Almegard becomes Vimaladhi, a Sanskrit name meaning ‘She whose Wisdom is Pure’ (long final ‘i’). 
Westernised spelling: Vimaladhi
Private preceptor: Sridevi
Bente Kjønstad becomes Muditadevi, a Sanskrit name meaning ‘Goddess of sympathetic joy’ (long final ‘i’). 
Westernised spelling: Muditadevi
Private preceptor: Sridevi
Su Akbar Khan becomes Sujhayini, a Pali or Sanskrit name meaning ‘She whose intent is excellent’ (long ‘a’ and final ‘i’).
Westernised spelling: Sujhayini
Private preceptor: Dhammadassin
Sylvia Wingens becomes Satyapurna, a Sanskrit name meaning ‘Filled with truth’ (long ‘u’ and dot under ‘n’). 
Westernised spelling: Satyapurna
Private preceptor: Srivati
Diane Kaylor becomes Sarasuvanna, a Sanskrit name meaning ‘She whose innermost nature is like gold’ (long first ‘a’, dots under both ‘n’s).
Westernised spelling: Sarasuvanna
Private preceptor: Dharmottara

Public preceptor Padmasuri
Ann Whelan becomes Sanghajata, a Sanskrit name meaning ‘She who is sangha-born’ (dot over ‘n’, long final two ‘a’s).
Westernised spelling: Sanghajata
Private preceptor: Guhyaprabha
Lucy Spence becomes Kusaladevi, a Sanskrit name meaning ‘Goddess of skilful action and merit’ (long final ‘i’).
Westernised spelling: Kusaladevi
Private preceptor: Saddhanandi
Jo Bailey becomes Bodhipaksini, a Sanskrit name meaning ‘She who has the wings of Enlightenment’ (dot under ‘s’, long final ‘i’)
Westernised spelling: Bodhipakshini
Private preceptor: Subhadramati

Public Preceptor Ratnadharini
Katharine Walker becomes Tejodharini, a Sanskrit name meaning ‘Bearer of light, fire, radiance’ (long ‘a’ and final ‘i’, dot under ‘n’).
Westernised spelling: Tejodharini
Private preceptor: Samantabhadri
Tamsin Whitfield becomes Suddhimani, a Pali name meaning ‘She who is the jewel of purification’ (long final ‘i’, dot under ‘n’).
Westernised spelling: Suddhimani
Private preceptor: Kalyanasri
Susie Dakini becomes Bodhimala, a Sanskrit name meaning ‘Garlanded with Enlightenment’ (both ‘a’s long).
Westernised spelling: Bodhimala
Private preceptor: Vijayasri
Kajsa Palo becomes Ksantida, a Sanskrit name meaning ‘Giver of forbearance’ (dot under ‘s’, long final ‘a’).
Westernised spelling: Kshantida
Private preceptor: Sridevi
Alice Fowler becomes Moksatara, a Sanskrit name meaning ‘Star of Freedom’ (dot under the ‘s’, long final two ‘a’s).
Westernised spelling: Mokshatara
Private preceptor: Punyamala

Sadhu! Sadhu! Sadhu!

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