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Ordinations at Adhisthana, UK

On Tue, 22 December, 2015 - 10:34
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We are delighted to report the public ordinations of six more women at Adhisthana, UK, on Saturday 19th December 2015.

Public preceptor Parami
Sue Bower becomes Karunabala: a Sanskrit name meaning “One whose strength is from compassion”. (Dot under the ’n’, long second ‘a’.) Westernised spelling Karunabala.
Private preceptor Padmavajri

Sioned Wynn becomes Prabhakari: a Sanskrit name meaning “She who illumines”. (Long second ‘a’, long ‘i’). Westernised spelling Prabhakari.
Private preceptor Dhammadinna

Nicki Cowburn becomes Varasakhi: a Sanskrit name meaning “Noble friend or companion”. (Long  ‘i’) Westernised spelling Varasakhi.
Private preceptor Samantabhadri

Teresa Coldicott becomes Dharmasetu: a Sanskrit name meaning “She whose bridge is the Dharma”. (Long ‘u’) Westernised spelling Dharmasetu.
Private preceptor Jnanamitra

Sarah Boston becomes Dayakarini: a Sanskrit name meaning “She who acts compassionately”. (Long second ‘a’, dot under ’n’, long  last ‘i’). Westernised spelling Dayakarini.
Private preceptor Ashokashuri

Public preceptor Punyamala
Holly Hawtin becomes Moksadipa: a Sanskrit name meaning “She whose lamp is liberation”. (Dot under ’s’, long ‘i’, long last ‘a’). Westernised spelling Mokshadipa.
Private preceptor Saddhanandi

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