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Ordination in Essex

On Mon, 7 August, 2023 - 15:37
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Dear Friends,

On the 6th August around 80 sangha members, friends and family, attended the Public Ordination of Marion Pidgeon of the Mid-Essex Sangha. The ceremony took place in the lovely new Mid-Essex Buddhist Centre in Chelmsford, England.

Marion Pidgeon became Abhayavani (long 4th ‘a’ and long ‘i’. Dot under the ’n’), a Sanskrit name meaning “The Fearless Voiced One”.

Registered spelling Abhayavani.
Private Preceptor Vanaraji
Public Preceptor Parami

With metta,


Abhayavani, "The Fearless Voiced One"
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Chandrachitta's picture

Sãdhu to Abhayavani! So pleased for you! And so moved by the ceremony! Huge appreciation for Vanaraji and Parami as her private and public preceptors for making it possible.May all blessings be yours! Love, Chandrachitta

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Delighted to hear this! Sadhu!