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NewsByte video: Bhante's 90th birthday weekend

On Thu, 5 November, 2015 - 14:16
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From now on, Clear Vision’s NewsByte stories will appear here as individual stories, as they happen. The first of these celebrates all the fun and creativity of Bhante’s 90th birthday weekend at the end of August: “Celebrating the Arts at Adhisthana”. (13 minutes)

See Bhante arrive in heavy rain, hear the music, see the paintings and puja, feel the friendship!

(Apologies for the lateness of this post, which is nothing to do with Clear Vision.)

Read more about the weekend.
Read about Bhante’s birthday present.
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Bodhidasa's picture

Thank you so much for sharing this video with us all. It was moving to have a glimpse of the event and of Bhante enjoying it. It was an an added bonus to see so many of my friends who live so far away. metta to all, Bodhidasa

Munisha's picture

You’re very welcome! It was a great weekend. Munisha

Pavarabodhi's picture

Fantastiskt! Så inspirerande!

Tack Pavarabodhi

Abhayamaitri's picture

Wonderful! Thank you for sharing x

viradhamma's picture

A wonderful video.  Thanks to everyone involved.

nagesvara's picture

I appreciate all your hard work putting this together guys! You did look tired Munisha and yet managed to transfer the merits of the event beautifully. Thanks 

Munisha's picture

Yes, I was shattered! Glad I looked convincing. Thanks for your appreciation.

sahajatara's picture

Just watched this …( I was actually looking for the puja Bhante lead back in the day on FBA , I like to do this puja ’ along with ’ Bhante and the Order )  Found this instead by accident , and it has moved me SO much , so much Beauty in our movement , in the world , Heart finding its home …I am so greatful xxx Sahajatara

Munisha's picture

Ah, lovely… Share it around! More people deserve to be delighted, again and again.

x Munisha