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Newsbyte: Suryavana Retreat Centre

On Mon, 16 July, 2018 - 14:15
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Suryavana is the new retreat Centre for the Valencia Buddhist Centre.  One possible translation of Suryavana is rather apt description ‘the sun’s dwelling place’.  The Valencia Buddhist Centre bought a retreat centre of their own to cater for their gradually expanding retreat programme: increasing from three to four retreats a year to approximately twenty to twenty five retreats annually. 

This Newsbyte explores the importance of going on retreat as a means of coming in touch with yourself, the earth and nature - with some beautiful footage of the lands around the retreat centre - and the hopes for the future of Suryavana.

Practicing together is the best way to build this place (Hadayasiri)

Visit Centro de Retiros Suryavana  (Suryavana Retreat Centre’s) website

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