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Newsbyte: Inter-religious Climate Pilgrimage

On Thu, 27 June, 2019 - 12:57
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“It’s a crucial practice if we want to look after the environment - we have to learn to appreciate it, just take it in, and love it, because what we love, none of us will destroy.” 

Gunaketu and other members of the Oslo Buddhist Centre recently took part in an inter-religious climate pilgrimage from Oslo to Hope Cathedral, an interfaith project, in Fredrikstad (south of Oslo). The purpose of this four day walk was to encourage dialogue between different faiths and to explore their engagement and responses to the climate crisis. The Clear Vision team was in attendance and they made this short film of the walk, capturing conversations along the way as well as the beautiful Norwegian landscape.

Read The Three Jewels meet the Climate Emergency (including an extended discussion around some of the issues raised here).

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