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New right livelihood and community project, Germany

On Sat, 23 April, 2016 - 17:39
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Simone Deiringer is a Mitra in Triratna’s Berlin sangha, Germany, training for ordination and exploring possibilities for a project enabling sangha to live and work together near Berlin.

She writes: “I am looking for somewhere close to Berlin where we can establish a collective project, living and working together. Right now I am investigating a small agriculture and gardening business for sale in the Uckermark (an hour and a half drive from the city): 10 hectares of land with buildings and a working horse!

My plan is to create a situation where time spent looking after basic needs such as food and shelter leaves enough time and energy for spiritual development. The main business would be a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) project subsidised by a retreat facility for one or two people and a programme of courses on mental and physical health for residents, guests and neighbours.

The project’s understanding of spiritual development is based on Sangharakshita’s vision: the community will consist of committed Triratna Buddhists seeking to live a total Dharma life. Everyone is asked to take part on a dana basis; to give what they can and take what they need.”

If you are an Order Member or a Mitra who has asked for ordination, and interested in becoming one of 4-6 community members living and working together in the north German countryside, please demozug [at] (contact Simone. )

If you’d like to receive a newsletter, demozug [at] (contact Simone.) 

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This is great to hear - I hope that it is a success!

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This sounds right up my street! However I live in London and have responsibilities here that will mean staying put for a few years yet…

Hope to do something similar in UK !

Good luck with it and keep us posted on progress!

with metta


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Hallo Simone Deiringer,

      Ich heisse dhammamitra Kaushal Kishor Singh. ich komme aus indien. Ich bleibe fuer ca. zwei monaten im Sommer in deutschland. Ihre Idee habe ich ganz toll gefunden. ich wuerde auch in landwirtschaft die menschen helfen. ich komme nochmals nach Deutschland in juli 2017. wenn ich ihnen irgind wie helfen kann, wuerde ich mich sehr gern freuen. ich habe deutsch in Indien studiert und seit 11 jahren arbeite ich in Indien als deutsch sprachige reiseleiter. my ordination was done by Dhmmachari Subhuti.

Meine E-mail: kaushal_kishor82 [at]

mob: +919818127394 

jai bhim namo buddha

Dhmmamitra kaushal kishor singh