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New Chair-elect for the College of Public Preceptors

On Thu, 24 July, 2014 - 00:45
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Triratna’s College of Public Preceptors has announced the election of Saddhaloka as its new Chair, to take over from Dhammarati in 2015.

The Chair of the Preceptors’ College is elected by the College every five years. Dhammarati will come to the end of his second term in August 2015 and Saddhaloka is expected to take up the position in the first half of next year. Saddhaloka is currently based in Padmaloka as part of the men’s ordination team. He has been a Public Preceptor since 2004.

The College is principally responsible for overseeing the Triratna ordination process worldwide, in addition to preserving, sustaining, developing and communicating Sangharakshita’s presentation of the Dharma.

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Bodhidasa's picture
Great news. Having just spent some months with this man at Guhyaloka, he is an excellent choice. Sadhu!
Karunamitra's picture
I hope we see you in Sydney soon, Saddhaloka. Please come.