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A New Buddhist Centre for Paris

On Mon, 6 May, 2019 - 12:44
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In this short film Aryanita, the current Chair, and Vassika, the former Chair, give us an update on their search for a new home for the Paris Buddhist Centre. A lovely, light, spacious place has been found in a peaceful part of Paris, around the corner from a beautiful park. The purchase will be complete in May and building work will start to transform it from a doctors’ surgery into a Buddhist Centre, with the plan for it to open in September.

Find out more - including how to support the Paris Sangha in this new phase

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Chandrachitta's picture

That’s so lovely to see Aryanita and Vassika! Looks like all the efforts are eventually bearing fruit. It’s a beautiful new space. I’m delighted for the Paris sangha. Hope to visit you there one day. Best of luck with this final round of fund-raising. Love and light, Chandrachitta (Dublin) 

Vajracaksu's picture

It looks like a wonderful, wonderful new space in a beautiful location. Good luck with the fundraising!

Kind wishes


Jnanacandra's picture
Fantastic, sadhu!
Kalyanavaca's picture

How lovely to see your efforts have borne fruit! What a lovely space it will be. Sadhu!