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New book by Sangharakshita: Metaphors, Magic and Mystery

On Fri, 6 February, 2015 - 12:43
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Sangharakshita’s latest book, Metaphors, Magic and Mystery, is now available from Windhorse Publications.Timed to celebrate the opening of Adhisthana’s Sangharakshita Library last month, it’s an anthology on the theme of words.

The book’s editor, Vidyadevi, writes: “It was through reading that Sangharakshita first realised that he was a Buddhist. He has had a great deal to say about words, as this collection shows. For very clear advice on how to approach all the reading opportunities that Dharma life offers us, see pages 38 and 39. Other topics include reading, writing, translation, skilful speech and the book as a symbol; as well as what words can do and what they can’t. Are reading and study only for people of the right sort of temperament? See the discussion on page 40!

Words have such power and magic, and yet they also present so many limitations and pitfalls. There are questions of how to use them skilfully and accurately, and the dangers of taking things too literally or misunderstanding metaphors. Indeed, there’s the difference between understanding words and really knowing anything at all.

Some of the extracts in this book are from published works. Others are from unpublished talks and seminars, edited for the purpose of this book, and their full transcripts are to be found on Free Buddhist Audio or on Sangharakshita’s own website. One of my hopes is that these extracts will give you a sense of the kind of thing you might like to read more of.”

The cover image of a naga princess bearing the book containing the Perfection of Wisdom is from a linocut by Varaprabha, originally made for Sangharakshita’s commentary on the White Lotus Sutra,The Drama of Cosmic Enlightenment.

Order the book from Windhorse Publications.
Listen to Vidyadevi’s talk at the Library opening.

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It’s fascinating to see familiar pieces of Sangarajshita’s work nestled up against unfamiliar ones.. The conversation that happens between them is very interesting indeed. I recommend this book.