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The New Berlin Women's Community / Die neue Berliner Frauen-WG

On Tue, 6 October, 2020 - 09:14
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In February this year, six women (Bianca, Mokshini, Sanghadarsini, Simharava, Viryapadma and Viryadhi) moved into a brand-new flat in a housing cooperative in the North-East of Berlin – just in time before lockdown. Together they have embarked on a journey to create the first ever women’s community in Berlin.

In this short video, made by Simharava, some of its members share the joys and challenges of the first six months.

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Im Februar diesen Jahres war es soweit: sechs Frauen (Bianca, Mokshini, Sanghadarsini, Simharava, Viryapadma und Viryadhi) zogen in eine nagelneue Genossenschafts-Wohnung in Berlin-Weißensee – gerade noch rechtzeitig vor dem Lockdown. Gemeinsam widmen sie sich seitdem dem Projekt, die allererste Frauen-WG in Berlin mit Leben zu füllen.
In diesem kurzen Video von Simharava teilen einige der Mitglieder der WG ihre Eindrücke von den Freuden und Herausforderungen der ersten sechs Monate.

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kusaladevi's picture

Wonderful and Inspiring! Thank you for the beautiful video and Sadhu to you all. May your community flourish and be blessed by the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas! Much Metta x

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Wonderful to see communities still forming in our sangha as a potential 4 th sight in the world.  May all blessings be yours. Maitripala xx

Vajracaksu's picture

Excellent, good to hear :) May the community experience bring much learning, fun and love into your lives. 

Kind wishes


Munisha's picture

Echt toll! Wünsche euch alle alles Gute zusammen.


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Amalavajra's picture

Congratulations to you all for creating this community for not just your own benefit, but for generations to come and for the world around you.

I was moved by Bianca’s words: that in a community you enjoy the care of others, but you also feel alone in your responsibility for your life and practice.

I would say that is what makes is a challenging practice, and different to most or perhaps all other lifestyles. 

Knost_19's picture

Great video, have a good time! (Although its hard to believe this is the first ever women’s community in Berlin???)