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Nepal relief: avoiding waste, discrimination and corruption

On Thu, 14 May, 2015 - 16:23
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When you give money for earthquake relief, it’s reasonable to wonder how much of it will actually reach those who need it most. This was a question raised with Green Tara Trust’s workers in Nepal by Green Tara Trust here in the UK. Here’s what their worker Amit, says:

“This was a very big concern for us as well, so we identified the poorest of the poor through

i) quick field assessment by Green Tara trustees and staff 
ii) recommendation from field staff who have been working there since 2007
iii) recommendation and verification by the local village committee that the people receiving materials are poor and needy, or their houses have been completely damaged
iv) co-ordinate with existing women’s groups in the community to identify the most needy families.

There’s an informal committee in each village consisting of representatives from all major political parties. Since they have their say and influence as well, we distributed the goods in their presence.

Thanks very much.
Amit Dhungel”

You can still give money.

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