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On Thu, 11 July, 2019 - 10:59
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Windhorse Publications has been publishing books on mindfulness, meditation and Buddhism for 45 years. Over that time, thousands of people’s lives have changed as a result of reading a Windhorse book. As well as running a 3 for 2 book promotion for the summer, they have now launched their #lifechangingbooks campaign where readers can share which Windhorse book has changed their lives.

Join them on social media (InstagramTwitter or Facebook) to watch people talking about a Windhorse book that has changed their life. You can also make and share your own video using #lifechangingbooks.

Windhorse Publications is hoping to raise £20,000 so that it can continue to publish life changing books such as Mind in HarmonyBuddhism: Tools for Living Your Life, and Mindfully Facing Disease and Death as well as publishing new books with the potential to change lives, like Free Time!The Myth of Meditation and I’ll Meet You There.

Find out more about the #lifechangingbooks campaign and make a donation to Windhorse Publications

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Wish you every success Windhorse Publications, I for one very much appreciate your existence and work..