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Karuna, Stockholm and a very "Big Give"

On Wed, 11 December, 2013 - 17:45
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Karuna Trust announces the result of their participation in the UK’s The Big Give Christmas Challenge 2013, in which teams of philanthropists have donated £10 million in matched funding for a variety of good causes.

Karuna intially set themselves a fundraising target of £28,000, then increased this to £33,000, which they easily exceeded. First they raised £28,200 from their own donors (including a whopping £4000 donation from just one of Triratna’s smaller sanghas: sadhu Stockholm!) Then their allocated Big Give Sponsor, the Helen Hamlyn Trust, added £8,200, bringing the final figure to an incredible £36,400.

Karuna’s Andrea McCaghy writes: “This will mean we can fully fund two educational hostels and 15 village study classes in Goa for 12 months, giving 100 Indian children the precious gift of education.

We’ll also be able to fund essential study classes for the children of migrant workers within the many brick-kiln factories along the Konkan coast in the state of Maharashtra. These makeshift classrooms have already given many children the basics in language and maths and it’s enough to get them into mainstream schooling and be the first generation in their family to receive an education.

Thank you so much to all our donors and trusts, the Stockholm sangha and the Helen Hamlyn Trust for your generosity and commitment.

Thanks to everyone for a great experience of Karuna sangha and teamwork, including all the volunteer fundraisers who helped by phoning donors earlier this year during the ‘pledging’ phase of the campaign.”

We’ll finish with a message from Anil Ugvekar, Karuna’s project leader in Goa:

“We wish to articulate heartfelt gratitude from all our staff and students for your valuable contribution to lifting our children out of poverty through education.

As a drop of water is counted in an empty well,
that drop is as precious as any other,
which one day makes the well full and contented.
The same way your donation is counted in every way.
These children will always give their blessing to you for lending your
precious help to them
The dreams of these children will be lightened with your donation.
Thanks to your heart.
Thanks to you for your support and kindness.”

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