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Is Karuna still supporting Triratna Projects in India? 

On Wed, 15 June, 2022 - 15:20
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Recently, we shared that several leading Triratna Trusts in India have sadly lost their permission to receive foreign funding. For this reason, as a UK-based organisation, Karuna is no longer able to fund some of our long-standing projects in India, such as the Educational Hostels.  

As we know that many of Karuna’s supporters and those who volunteer for our fundraising appeals are Triratna Order Members, mitra’s or friends and we wanted to let you know that Karuna is still funding Triratna-led projects.  

Here are some of those vital projects we are still able to support with long-term grants: 

Aryaloka Computer Institute. This project, founded and led by Dh. Aryaketu, provides IT training for young people from slum districts in Nagpur and Raipur, enabling them to escape the trap of poverty and daily wage labour and get stable well-paid jobs in the tech sector. 

The Nagpur Women’s Social Project. Led by Madhuri Manohar and overseen by Dh. Amrutsiddhi, this project supports women from slum districts of Nagpur to develop dignified livelihoods and support their children’s education. 

Green Tara Foundation Pune, founded and led by Dh. Karunaprabha. They support adolescent girls from slum districts around Pune, helping the younger girls stay in full-time education and teaching the older girls tailoring skills so they can earn money when they leave school. 

Amravati Violence-Free Schools Project. Led by Dh. Amitayus and Dh. Abhayanavita, this project works in local schools to help girls and boys from marginalised communities overcome the barriers to their education and stay in school as long as possible. They also run a residential shelter for women and girls who are victims of, or at risk of, violence. 

For our entire history, our connections with our Triratna friends and partners have been a crucial part of our story, and we are pleased to continue this legacy. Please look at our website to find out more about all of the other work we are doing in India, Nepal and Bangladesh.

Yours in the Dhamma, Padmadaka. 

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