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Would you like to hear more about our Movement in India?

On Fri, 2 September, 2011 - 06:18
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Over the next few weeks Indian Order members will be visiting Triratna Centres in the UK and talking about their lives and work. This is a great opportunity to get a different perspective on our community and the Dharma.

One of the benefits of experiencing the internationality of our Buddhist Movement is seeing what of Buddhism is cultural. Throughout its history the Dharma has adapted as it encounters different situations – so what is central and what varies? The essence of the Dharma is the recognition that we can take direction of our own lives, and through changing how we relate to a situation change the way it unfolds. In hearing about our work in India we see that principle played out in a more direct and socio-politically active fashion than we are familiar with in the West; but it is the same Dharma.

To hear more about this work – and especially the work of some of those responsible for training men and women for ordination in the Triratna Buddhist Order – come along to one of the following:

Sunday 28th August - Sheffield Buddhist Centre
Monday 29th August - Bristol and London Buddhist Centres
Tuesday 30th August – Birmingham, West London, and Norwich Buddhist Centres
Thursday 1st September – Nottingham and Colchester Buddhist Centres
Saturday 3rd September – Croydon Buddhist Centre
Monday 5th September – North London and Manchester Buddhist Centres

(Incidentally, they haven’t achieved the psychic power of being in more than place at once: there’s more than one group!)

This tour is being organised by the India Dhamma Trust, in association with Triratna’s Golden Rainbow fundraising project. If you feel inspired to give to either of these causes please contact manjusiha [at] You can also donate on the India Dhamma Trust website.

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