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Will-writing service for Triratna

On Mon, 2 July, 2012 - 06:22
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Following yesterday’s story about Triratna’s Abhayaratna Trust and their mission to raise funds to support members of the Triratna Buddhist Order experiencing poverty or hardship in old age, Satyadasa, a qualified solicitor, writes from London with the news of a bespoke and confidential Will-Writing service he’s offering UK members of the Triratna Buddhist Community, under the trading name Greengate Wills.

He says - “A Will is something most people agree is a good idea. But getting round to it can take a while, because the business of being alive takes up rather a lot of time and thinking about death can languish near the bottom of one’s “to do” list for an aeon. I’m not out to convince anyone to speed up – people come to it according to their temperament and life situation. But if you are interested, here are a few reasons to write a Will…” His list which ends with the words “there is also a strong emotional aspect to writing a Will which I find interesting. Maybe it’s why many people put off the task until the time nearer when they plan to die or don’t do it at all. It’s one way of facing the fact that you are going to die. This is a big task, but maybe it’s the same as facing life in the end. The two cannot finally be separated. It may help us connect with our humanity and what we have in common with others”.

Check his website for details and costs.
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