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Video interview explores ‘A Buddhist Manifesto’

On Fri, 28 September, 2012 - 11:45
lokabandhu's picture
Munisha writes from ClearVision, Triratna’s in-house video producers, with news of a recently-published interview with Subhuti, recorded soon after the publication of ‘A Buddhist Manifesto: The Principles of the Triratna Buddhist Community’.

She says - “Triratna News recently published news of Subhuti’s ‘A Buddhist Manifesto’, and readers may have wondered what was behind it. To find out, the Clear Vision team interviewed Subhuti during the European Order Gathering in August. We’ve edited it into two versions - the highlights (16.5 mins) and the full interview (48.5 mins) ; the embedded player should take you directly to the highlights”.
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