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Urthona 28: the psychogeography issue, out now

On Fri, 6 January, 2012 - 06:10
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Urthona is a Triratna magazine devoted to the exploration of Buddhism and the Arts. Issue 28 has just been published, on the theme of ‘psychogeography’, and their editor, Ratnagarbha, introduces it thus:

“Our focus is the somewhat mysterious theme of psychogeography. Here we explore the imaginative response to landscape, especially urban landscape - the interwoven textures of past and present on the streets, alleyways, river-shores, even the motorway verges, of the world that lies on our doorsteps. My article introduces the work of psychogeographer par excellence lain Sinclair, amongst others. We also feature an interview with nature writer Robert Macfarlane, whose book The Wild Places is an intensely felt exploration of the wilderness that remains close by on these islands”.

Urthona is well-known for its poetry, and Issue 28 contains an abundance of poems, reviews, and excerpts from interviews with prominent contemporary poets. Many of these are taken from the very successful Poetry East events held at Triratna’s London Buddhist Centre.

Urthona is available at Triratna Buddhist Centres or via the Urthona website.

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