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Urban Retreat starting soon: prisoners, artists ready worldwide

On Tue, 4 October, 2011 - 21:54
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Triratna’s International Urban Retreat starts this Saturday October 8th, and the map of who’s taking part worldwide has been growing day by day.  The map poster will be released later this week (and distributed to all participating Buddhist Centres - over 50 by now), but the live and ever-expanding online-version is available on Picasa here

The retreat has attracted interest from all over the world, and from people in all walks of life.  Akuppa, a Buddhist prison chaplain in Northumberland UK, says, “The International Urban Retreat will be joined by a group of men behind bars. The Buddhist Group that I meet with in Acklington Prison were particularly keen to join, given the theme of the Worldly Winds!  They were delighted by the idea of a week of more intensive practice and reflection, and also the chance to do something with the wider Buddhist world. They intend to find times in the day to meditate more often and meet in twos or threes.  It will be a good opportunity for them to bring their Buddhist practice to bear on everyday life – just as for the rest of us.”

At least one Triratna artist has been busy with the theme of the retreat: Visuddhimati, chairwoman of Triratna’s North London Buddhist Centre writes in a recent blog post - “Today I made a picture of a bird sailing the wind. My drawings reflect recent experience, and the fragility and beauty of the world.  I’d love to read your comments”.  Visuddhimati’s blog is entitled Artwork in progress, and her latest post is Sailing the Wind

An introduction to the Urban Retreat, plus a full list of participating Buddhist Centres around the world, is available online


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