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Update from Coddington Court and the Sangharakshita Land Project

On Wed, 6 February, 2013 - 05:56
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Ratnadharini writes with some news of Triratna’s new retreat centre at Coddington Court, south of Birmingham UK - future home of Sangharaskhita and formerly known as the Sangharakshita Land Project. She says - “It’s a big project! For those of you interested in details … major developments have included a natural willow sewerage system (not a reed bed) that will deal naturally with the outflow from the sewage settlement tank without using electricity. Thanks to Ajjavin and Yashodeva, we now have sensible storm and foul drainage, as well as new water and gas supplies. The necessary trenches - which, in the wettest year on record, have been giving rise to comments about the Somme - are nearly all filled in.

Apart from installing essential services, the priority has been Bhante’s new accommodation, where the paint is going on the walls and a new conservatory is arising on the south elevation. Sanghadeva has been mainly working outside, removing the oppressive metal fencing (left over from when the property was a school) and thinning out undergrowth to leave space around the trees and allow light to come through. We’ve been very grateful for the contribution from volunteers, and Suvannamani has been cooking for fluctuating numbers. We’ve also been making contact with the local community - who seem to be looking forward to having the Court back in use, and us as neighbours.

Work on what-will-be-the women’s community is nearly finished; which means the team will now move there and enjoy the luxury of central heating, leaving what-will-be-the men’s community free for work to begin. Then there are four other large buildings to consider - including the special ‘Dome’ which will house the library, exhibition space, and pilgrim accommodation. Mokshapriya, Vajrasadhu and the architect have been preparing building plans and writing planning applications; now the challenge will be to have the project up and running by the end of July - when events begin.

Now building work is under way, we really do need your help - especially any Order Members or Mitras / Friends with building experience; it would be fantastic to put together sangha teams for specific projects - so please do get in touch. We will also need to redecorate the entire site - which means a programme of painting from now until the summer; so if you can wield a paintbrush and roller - or would be willing to learn - just ratnadharini [at] (let me know).

With metta, Ratnadharini
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