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Upcoming conference on Buddhist-inspired ideas for personal and social change

On Sun, 19 May, 2013 - 15:43
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Triratna speakers are prominent in an exciting inter-Buddhist conference upcoming in the UK in August, on the theme of ‘Transforming Conflict’. Subtitled ‘Buddhist-inspired Ideas for Personal and Social Change, it’s to be held in the idyllic surroundings of Taplow Court and is open to all. Joint organisers are the Centre for Applied Buddhism, the UK’s Network of Buddhist Organisations and the Network of Engaged Buddhists.

The organisers say - “We usually think of conflict as negative and painful. How would it be if we were to see conflict as transformative? Buddhism suggests that out of difficulties and conflicts can develop wholesome outcomes. At times we can be embroiled in conflict within ourselves and with those around us. Can these be creative? In what ways, on a daily basis, do we transform problematic situations? Is conflict good or bad? Each speaker at this conference will approach these and other questions from their own perspective, whilst drawing on Buddhist ideas and concepts. There will be opportunities to join workshops, watch performances and other creative ways to explore transforming conflict.”

Speakers will include:
Akuppa – Prison Chaplaincy (Triratna)
Caroline Brazier – Tariki Trust
Marina Cantacuzino – The Forgiveness Project
Jamie Cresswell – Centre for Applied Buddhism (SGI)
Ken Jones – Network of Engaged Buddhists
Dr Michele Lamb – Roehampton University
Munisha – Clear Vision Trust (Triratna)
Dr Mark Owen – The Centre of Religions for Reconciliation and Peace
Padmadaka – Karuna Trust (Triratna)
Edward Canfor-Dumas – Engi
Roy Leighton – The Coral Collective

For further information and to book a place please visit:

Dates are 16 to 18 August, and the venue is Taplow Court, in Taplow, Berkshire SL6 0ER. Costs for early-bird bookings are £95 (book before 1 June 2013) plus accommodation if needed.

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