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Two new books in memory of Manjusvara

On Sat, 13 July, 2013 - 09:47
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Amalavajra writes in memory of his friend and co-worker Manjusvara, who died unexpectedly two years ago, saying - “You may be aware that June is the 2nd anniversary of Manjusvara’s death, and this June would have been his 60th Birthday.

To mark the occasion, Windhorse Publications are republishing his two writing books, The Poets Way and Writing Your Way, both available via Windhorse.

Ananda has also produced a very beautifully designed and illustrated book of selected poems by Manjusvara. Entitled ‘Lost and Found’ it contains poems written between 2009-2011, and is available from A CD of live recordings by Manjusvara and friends of the poems in ‘Lost and Found’ has also been produced. Manjusvara was half way through this CD when he died and we invited his friends to finish the CD for him by reading the remaining poems. The CD is free with the book Lost and Found but also available separately by barrydhill [at] (subject: Lost%20and%20Found%20CD) (emailing Achintya).

Finally, just before he died Manjusvara had just finished his Buddhist detective novel ‘The Deal Runner’. This is also now available from

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