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Triratna Arts Exhibition planned, contributors sought

On Sat, 27 October, 2012 - 06:05
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Mat New writes from Birmingham UK with news of a planned Triratna Arts Exhibition and commemorative book. He’s seeking contributors from across the Triratna Buddhist Community, and says - “Hello, sorry for the impersonal nature of this message but I’m contacting you because I’m seeking contributors for a movement-wide Triratna Arts Exhibition. The intention is two-fold: 1. To get the wider Sangha in contact with the incredible diversity and depth of the art that we have within us. We are creating a new culture very effectively, art is the primary expression of that, and those efforts deserve to be communicated to as many people as possible. 2. To encourage more commissions to artists, to give them confidence and to enable them to live full-time as artists.

The project will take the form of a high quality full colour 12”x12” hardback book; I hope to include every art form and may also extend to creative skills (like graphic design), and crafts (like card making). There will be a directory of artists in the back. Each artist would have a page or double page on which to put anything they wish, maybe a combination of:

Pictures of their work - A picture of their studio - A picture of a workshop they have run - A picture of them doing what they do - Reviews - An interview with them - A statement of intention for their work - Previous commissions - Quotes - Poetry - Web links

The book will consist of various different sections: 3D art, 2D art, Music&Mantra, Poetry, Fiction, Non-fiction, Dance and an additional miscellaneous section. Though it will be labelled “Triratna Arts Catalogue 2013” work submitted does not have to be ‘Buddhist’.

Each artist would pay around £25 to be included. For this price I will put the book on the coffee table of every European Triratna Buddhist centre, and some of the larger non-Triratna Buddhist centres and retreat centres worldwide. It will be on sale to the public online. Any profit will go into a subsequent exhibition, or into Triratna charities.

Despite this impersonal first contact, I very much prefer to talk in person. If you would matnoo [at] (subject: Triratna%20Arts%20Exhibition) (email me), we can exchange phone numbers and I would very gladly call you and spend 5 minutes with you talking about the project. There is lots I have excluded here in favour of not taking up your time unnecessarily.

I hope to hear from you soon, Mat”
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